Wheels Up! ///

Launch an airline! From the beginnings of aviation, through the Jet Age, and into deregulation, build up airports and vie for routes, with 80 unique cards, 3 board configurations (North America, Europe, and Transatlantic), easy to learn, yet dynamic with a lot of player interaction, so start your engines and prepare for takeoff because it’s Wheels Up!

Print to Play


11 x 17 Board

Plain Text Rules

*Note: For 2-3 player games, the Aviation Era advances from Beginnings to Jetliners when any airline plays 5 airplanes, and from Jetliners to Deregulation when any airline plays 10 gates. For 6 player games, hand out only 2 cards when you advance to Jetliners & Deregulation.


Print Instructions

Paper. Both the cards & board are designed to be double sided, however they can be printed single-sided. For the cards, just print the odd pages. For the board, print all pages single sided.

Meeples. Every airline gets 10 airplanes & 11 gates. Previously I’ve used LEGO in six colors, specifically 1x2s for airplanes and 2x2s for gates. It’s useful if 9 of the gates are marked with a 1×1, so players know when they’ve hit deregulation.